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 Strategies to Assess your Cloud Service Providers
by Michael Ratemo

The cloud provides organizations with flexibility, scalability, increased collaboration, and speed. Despite its many benefits, the cloud poses some security risks that your organization should consider to protect its data. In the cloud, visibility and control over organization's data is limited.

In order to understand the security risk of a Cloud Service Provider, your organization must have a process to evaluate the Cloud Service Provider, prior to engaging them. This presentation provides some strategies with which your organization can use to assess potential Cloud Service Providers.


Speaker Bio

michael ratemoMichael Ratemo is a thought leader in the field of Cyber Security, and Principal Consultant at Cyber Security Simplified. Michael is the author of the LinkedIn Learning Course, “Building and Auditing a Cyber Security Program.” In addition, Michael is the co-author of the “Cloud Auditing Best Practices” book.

Lastly, Michael has an upcoming LinkedIn Learning Course “Cloud Security and Audit Foundations in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud” set to be released in October 2023. You can read Michael’s latest cloud article here


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